Monday, July 27, 2009


When you are talking about on page optimization, there are several things you have to keep in your mind before starting or designing your web pages search engine friendly, because the ultimate goal of search engines is to show the most popular results to their users and relevant sites for any specific query.

When your customers type any query in search engines and as a result of this query your website appears in search engines it doesn’t means that your website is search engine friendly, may be your site has lot of stuff and is appropriate to searches for your product, but the reality is your website is not search engine friendly. So the improvement of web design mistakes and the correction of your URL, Meta tag, your website Content, Title Tag, Anchor Text, Description Tag, web Page Naming anything needs to be correct within your website is known as On Page Optimization.

So, On Page Optimization consists of following things:

For this you have to think about the possible keywords according to your business. For Example, if you are running a website which is providing logo and web designing services to their customers, so your targeted keywords must be ‘Logo Design” and “Professional web design” and many other less competitive keywords or just think about that possible keywords which your online consumers use.

After selecting your targeted keywords, choose a domain name that will allow you to include your most relevant and less competitive keyword in your URL.

The most important advantage of having a Meta description tag on every page may provide you those pages a seo advantage because Meta tags describes your site in the search results means having proper Meta tags will let search engines that what your website is all about basically it describe your website.

So you must write a matchless description or you can say summary for each and every page of your website but each description must be short and snappy and truthful and will let know your searchers what your page is all about or what they will find on the page.

Search engines are crazy about good content but keep this thing in your mind that search engine will give first choice to those websites which use keywords in their website strategically and give their site meaning. Search engines don’t consider those websites that uses excessive keywords within their site content. This is also called Keyword Stuffing. So as a result of keyword stuffing you can be banned from the search engines.

Whenever you are going to link your sub pages or added pages of your site, just make sure that your targeted keywords are included in the clickable segments of the links.

page1.html, page2.html, Instead of giving these types of naming to your WebPages, put your keywords and keyword phrases in your file names.

This is one of the most important factors in On Page Optimization. So you should take your time and consider about the most excellent title for your page. Your Title tag will be displayed at the top of your browser and it is also used as the title of your website in the search engine results pages.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Authority Links And Link building Strategies

When you talk about the link building strategies, it not only the targets for you to find websites which give you backlinks, you have to find Authority websites. There is a term which normally comes in front of you is authority links when you are on the way to build quality links for your sites.

There are different types of authority links you can use to build links.

• Absolute Authority links (Also known as General Authority Links).
• Relative Authority Links. (Topical Authority Links).

Absolute Authority links:

One of the benefits of getting absolute authority links is that it passes trust and visitors to your website. However absolute authority links can also be divided into two different groups. One is Informational authority links and the second one is Navigational authority links.

Information authority sites include more trusted domains and provide information to their users., includes in this categories. On the other hand navigational authority website includes Yahoo Directories, DMOZ. All these considered as navigational authority websites.

Relative Authority Links:

Relative authority websites be inclined to focus at topic instead of at audience.


One of the most essential factors in attracting links is good content; also take a look at some of the linking strategies.

• Build quality links with guest post activities. This is not only helps you to build your brand image, but also let you to get quality backlinks from different bloggers.
• Write a killer and very very resourceful articles and submit them into different articles directories. One of the main benefits of submitting your articles into articles directories is that, the more superior quality your article is the better chances that it will be republished on other sites; therefore it will increase your publicity and link popularity.
• You can build few speedy links by submitting your website to a couple of quality directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directories, but don’t forget to focus on your niche.
• You can also consider reciprocal linking strategy on a very confined basis. In this your target must be relevant website in your niche.
• You can also offer different incentives and discounts to anyone you ask for a link. Think something out of the box and make your presence standout from the crowd.
• Buying links from the highly relevant websites will also helps in your link building campaign.
• You must know about the social media importance in link building activity. Social Media sites are basically group of people where people meet up and shares stuff. Social media sites are also known as traffic generation machines and plays a vital role in link building campaign.

Having said that, please remember that there is no right and wrong way of doing things. You got to understand your requirements; you shouldn’t focus on getting these alone. Mixing up diverse strategies, approaches and different types of links always works best for in your link building campaign.

Friday, May 29, 2009

SEO marketing being in progress now

This being the situation, it is necessary to know what Online SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Marketing is all about and how it severely persuades your business. Online SEO Marketing is all about boosting your products and services through your website. However, simply putting up a website is not enough; your website must be observable in major search engines. But, how does one achieve visibility in search engines? Read on to know more.

Search Engine Optimization Process: Naturally, a website is optimized by following many internet marketing strategies. The practice of Online SEO Marketing includes many link building strategies so as to reach higher rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages of a variety of search engines for different set of targeted keyword phrases. The visibility of your site in the search engines largely depends on the quality and quantity of the inbound links that your site achieves. Hence, the entire process of Search Engine Optimization is aimed at attaining links for your website.There are many SEO advisers who offer Internet Marketing Solutions. Though, what differentiates them from each other are their approach to the optimization process and the SEO Online Marketing strategies they follow.

In an ideal world, a web marketing company starts with a well-strategize keyword analysis of your site to see if your site has been optimized on the right set of keywords or keyword phrases (the words online consumers use). After a complete keyword analysis, the SEO process is followed by many on-page, off-page and on-site modifications. Your on-page factors include optimization of the URLs, Meta tags and web content of your websites. On the other hand the off-page optimization methods are mainly carried out by a watchfully planned link building strategy. The off-page optimization methods, by and large, include article submission, blog submission, directory submission and press release distribution. Some advanced Online SEO Marketing techniques such as Social media, Forum participation and full-page advertisement are also being pursue to achieve richly volume of quality inbound links towards your site.

The process of Online SEO Marketing helps your site become visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of major search engines for the keywords or keyword phrases you site has been optimized on. When your potential customers use those keywords or keyword phrases in the search box of unusual search engines, your site comes at the top page in the SERPs and, the quantity of the potential customer’s boost significantly.

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Today I become the 20 millionth blogger on the Web (somewhat).
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